by Max Miner
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Strategic design leader by trade.
Creative by nature.


My name is, Max Miner.



Award-winning leader in strategic product and experience design (UX/CX)

Leader. Creative. Strategist. Designer. Systems thinker. Consultant. Artist. Entrepreneur.


I lead teams and organizations to deliver strategic data-driven and human-centered products, services, experiences and business systems. To inquire about working with me or to request access to my portfolio case studies—connect on LinkedIn or check out my contact page to get in touch.


What I Do

Strategic Design & Systems Thinking

Crafting holistic products, services and business systems at the crossroads of strategy, design and technology.

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My Background

Proven expertise leading from vision to execution.


10+ yrs

PRoFessional Creative

Professional design experience working in web, interaction/UX, graphic, branding, print and other design fields.


8+ yrs

Experience Design & Strategy

In UX/CX, crafting strategic data-driven human-centered products, platforms, services and business systems.


5+ yrs

Leadership & Management

Leading, managing and mentoring design teams and organizations from big vision to crafted execution.


Past Clients

Brands I’ve Worked With


Professional Portfolio

My Work

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Strategic Product & Experience Design (UX/CX)

Crafting products, services and business systems at the crossroads of strategy, design and technology.


Personal & Freelance Work

Hobbies & Side Hustles



A collection of digital and physical design projects including graphic, web, packaging, print and industrial design work, both paid and personal.

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A broad collection of my art projects across a variety of mediums, styles and applications - including paintings, illustrations, sketches, murals, print making, and more.

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A selection of my programming, web design/dev and other miscellaneous code-based projects I’ve built for personal projects and side hustles.


On My Mind…

A small list of big ideas currently making waves in my brain.


“The art of steering.” Action-oriented systems design thinking and theory for understanding and architecting influence, impact and interaction across human, organizational, and technological ecosystems.

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Asymmetric Strategies

The way people consume entertainment is constantly in flux, so the laws must adapt quickly. Harris Ingram strives to anticipate these changes so you can focus more on creating the performance of a lifetime.

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Design Automation

Automation is coming but many designers lack a true working knowledge of the programming and thinking behind automated algorithms, workflows and intelligent efficiency. Tools like AppleScript, Automator, Shortcuts and others provide simple ways to automate faster, more accurate design processes.

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Cryptocurrency has had a rollercoaster of a ride but blockchain isn’t going anywhere. From understanding the nature of trustful systems to creating new transparency and self-executing contracts - blockchain is a key building block in the future of business.

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A.I. & Machine Learning

The age of intelligence is here. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are quickly democratizing the ability to scale, personalize and automate work that once required teams of people to manage. Intelligence will be in everything and we need to deeply understand its design to ensure a positive future for everyone.

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Systems ThinkinG

Systems underly everything in the world around us yet a grasp of basic systems thinking methodologies, philosophies and principles is broadly lacking even in the UX/Product design community. I am working to develop a deeper systems vocabulary spanning beyond user-centric interactions to include mechanic, organizational, social, chemical and cognitive systems.

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