by Max Miner


Code as a design competency


As a designer, I believe in developing a deep understanding and working knowledge of the systems with which I am designing.

Today that means code

Although I am in no way a serious programmer in any professional sense, as a designer I believe in having a deep understanding and working knowledge of the tools and landscape with which I am designing. In today’s world, that means code. Primarily I write code for my own personal projects although I have been know to throw-in on front end work for startup projects when needed.

I am a proficient front end web developer fluent in CSS, HTML and working with responsive front end web frameworks such as Bootstrap, Shopify, Zurb’s Foundation, and more. Additionally I have a working knowledge of javascript and AppleScript programming.


Apps & Extensions

I work on my own personal app design and development projects and collaborate as a consultant and contributor to a number of startup projects esp. focused on iOS, blockchain and mobile web applications.



Until just recently (with the launch of this site), I have always coded and developed my own interactive portfolio website (7+ iterations to date). I have also contributed to a number of other e-commerce and front end marketing web development projects including custom Shopify themes, Tumblr themes, Bootstrap themes and more.


Automated Workflows

I am always working to improve my efficiency and accuracy -
in doing so, I leverage the power of code and machine programming to automated design tasks and workflows using AppleScript and Automator in combination with the Shortcuts iOS app.


A few of my favorite tools:



Front end web development framework for rapidly launching responsive web design experiences.

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Code editor with extensions and plug-ins to make programming quick and easy to implement.

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Apple’s comprehensive application design and development tool for creating apps and extensions for mobile and desktop.

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Mac native programming application handy for creating automated design workflows and custom applications.

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