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New site design // Moving to Squarespace


Hello and welcome to my new site design! I have decided it’s time to give up on my time-old tradition of hand-coding my own website and shift things over to a more manageable and easily updatable system (in this case Squarespace).

Why? Well, believe it or not it’s pretty difficult to maintain your site especially when you’re making and outputting a lot of content/work that you’d like to constantly be sharing.

The problem really arises in managing all of that content, keep all the images, text, labels, categories, etc. cleaning organized in an SEO friendly way just becomes too difficult without a more automated system.

So in the spirit of efficiency and freeing up more of my own time to focus on writing white papers, designing new products and creating artwork, I have given up on coding my site for now and will be using this new system moving forward.

My hope is this will enable me to share more of my work, work in progress and thought leadership projects that typically I’ve been unable to get to the final publishing stage due to past inefficiencies.

More design work, art and other creative products and design pieces to come soon.


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